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Generic Lamisil Cream

Lamisil Cream
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Generic Lamisil Cream (Terbinafine)


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1% 10g × 1 cream$5.00$5.00Add to cart
1% 10g × 2 cream$9.50$4.75$0.50Add to cart
1% 10g × 3 cream$13.00$4.33$2.00Add to cart
1% 10g × 4 cream$15.50$3.88$4.50Add to cart
1% 10g × 5 cream$17.00$3.40$8.00Add to cart

Most popular quantity.
$ 8.33
Generic Mentax
(Butenafine 1% 15g)
$ 2.22
Generic Nizoral
(Ketoconazole 200mg)
Nizoral Cream
$ 8.00
Generic Nizoral Cream
(Ketoconazole 2% 15g)
$ 5.00
Generic Sporanox
(Itraconazole 100mg)
$ 1.45
Generic Diflucan
(Fluconazole 50/100/150/200mg)
$ 0.68
Generic Grifulvin
(Griseofulvin 250mg)
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    Generic Lamisil Tablets, Cream ApprovedWebMDThe FDA also approved an application for a generic version of over-the-counter Lamisil cream (terbinafine hydrochloride, 1%) to treat athlete's foot, a skin disease caused by a fungus that usually occurs between the toes.

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    Everyday Health (blog)How Ringworm Spreads, and How to Deal With ItEveryday Health (blog)In most cases, the rash is treated in the same way: with a topical antifungal treatment, such as Lotrimin (clotrimazole) or Lamisil (terbinafine).

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