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Generic Keppra

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Generic Keppra (Levetiracetam)


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250mg × 10 pills$14.95$1.49Add to cart
250mg × 20 pills$19.95$1.00$9.95Add to cart
250mg × 30 pills$24.95$0.83$19.90Add to cart
250mg × 60 pills$44.95$0.75$44.75Add to cart
250mg × 90 pills$64.95$0.72$69.60Add to cart

PackagePricePer PillSavingsOrder
500mg × 10 pills$22.95$2.29Add to cart
500mg × 20 pills$39.95$2.00$5.95Add to cart
500mg × 30 pills$54.95$1.83$13.90Add to cart
500mg × 60 pills$99.95$1.67$37.75Add to cart
500mg × 90 pills$139.95$1.55$66.60Add to cart

PackagePricePer PillSavingsOrder
750mg × 10 pills$24.95$2.50Add to cart
750mg × 20 pills$44.95$2.25$4.95Add to cart
750mg × 30 pills$59.95$2.00$14.90Add to cart
750mg × 60 pills$109.95$1.83$39.75Add to cart
750mg × 90 pills$159.95$1.78$64.60Add to cart
750mg × 120 pills$199.95$1.67$99.45Add to cart

PackagePricePer PillSavingsOrder
1000mg × 10 pills$29.95$3.00Add to cart
1000mg × 20 pills$49.95$2.50$9.95Add to cart
1000mg × 30 pills$69.95$2.33$19.90Add to cart
1000mg × 60 pills$129.95$2.17$49.75Add to cart
1000mg × 90 pills$189.95$2.11$79.60Add to cart
1000mg × 120 pills$249.95$2.08$109.45Add to cart

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  • FDA clears Intellipharmaceutics' generic Keppra XR - Seeking Alpha

    Smarter AnalystFDA clears Intellipharmaceutics' generic Keppra XRSeeking AlphaThe product is the generic equivalent of UCB's (OTCPK:UCBJF) Keppra XR.

  • Chapter 1: A dire diagnosis and plea for help - Sacramento Bee

    Sacramento BeeChapter 1: A dire diagnosis and plea for helpSacramento BeeTraditional prescription medications intended to reduce overall seizure frequency, including Keppra, Topiramate, Trileptal and Tegretol, seemed to have little effect.

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    assunzione keppra post aneurisma celebraleMedicitalia.

  • Loss of exclusivity - PharmaLive (press release) (subscription)

    PharmaLive (press release) (subscription)Loss of exclusivityPharmaLive (press release) (subscription)(For example, in anti-epileptics, patient advocates were able to create a substitution carve-out for the drug Keppra, blocking automatic generic switch at the pharmacy.

  • Jubilant Life gets USFDA nod for epilepsy treatment injection - Economic Times

    Financial ExpressJubilant Life gets USFDA nod for epilepsy treatment injectionEconomic Times.

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